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مرکز مشاوره کسب و کار عبادی

چطور می توانیم به شما کمک کنیم؟

Rigorous market studies help to support market entry strategy development by providing valuable insights on:

Industry analysis – the present state and future prospects
Market segments, size and growth potential
Target market analysis
Competition analysis
Customer segmentation analysis
Demand driver dynamics and their implications
Competitive landscape – customers, competitors, suppliers
Service and product differentiation
Selecting a new business model for market entry
Industry regulation and taxation
Development of detailed implementation plans based on selected options

Product Development

Differentiation :
EBCT to broadly assess market needs and review potential product opportunities.

Needs and Gaps :
EBCT to evaluate a potential market need which led to the proposal of a more comprehensive research study.


Brand Strategy :
EBCT to evaluate new product labeling with both providers and payers.

Message Testing :
EBCT to measure perceptions of Direct to Physician Message Campaigns through various media sources.

Business Development

Market expansion :
Identify new business opportunities to better meet the needs of existing markets.

Customer Satisfaction :
EBCT to monitor sales effectiveness and customer satisfaction on a quarterly basis.

The Ebadi Business Consulting Team

Is led by Managing Director Leili Ebadi and supported by an efficient and dynamic team